Monday, October 13, 2008

Look at our Big Girl!!

Can you believe that Ella can ride a bike? Don took her around the block today and boy did she feel like a big girl, with her helmet and flip flops!!
Ella is learning her ABC's.... she says "ABC9!!" Everything is "9" with that child. We think it is going to be her lucky number! I love love love my little Ella.... get this.... Don took her to the Doctor for her two year check up and the Doctor told him she was going to be 6 foot tall! It is either her Swedish Ski Team genes from Don's side of the family or something the Fakatou family is feeding her..... needless to say they are thrilled to have another basketball player!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Day of School 2008

Erica's first day back to school and back to Kindergarten. As many of you know, Erica's Mommy accidently started Erica in Kindergarten too early. Oops, silly Mommy!! So now Erica gets to do Kindergarten again.... how fun for Erica! Erica is now the oldest in her class, smartest and most experienced. The teacher put her at the head of the line on the first day of school, she got to bring the attendance chart to the office and she was honored for excellent behavior. What leadership she is showing!!

Back by Popular Demand!

Okay when Anne Jones told me last night that she cried when she went to my blog and it was the same entry from last June....... I thought I better figure out my pasword and get blogging. This Summer was a lot of fun, Erica went to Aquatics Camp at Belmont Pool, The girls and I went to Oregon on vacation for 10 days and my niece Mari Elizabeth was with us for 5 weeks of the summer. It was wonderful....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Erica's Story

Erica came up with a story she wanted to write and share at Family Home Evening last night... Here it is word for word....... "One day I lied to my Mommy and Daddy. I felt bad because I lied to my mom and dad. I felt bad. I went home and said a prayer. I didn't feel good but I told my mom and dad the truth and then I felt good and wherever I am I won't lie again." I am so happy that Erica is learning to recognize the spirit telling her to choose the right. I see in this story that Sunday school is paying off!! :) I also love that she is seeing how Family Home Evening is about learning values and sharing each others story!

Still Waters Run Deep!

ERICA CAME UP WITH THIS POEM ALL ON HER OWN........."A heart of love and a true body and we have a family that God has given us. And we family loves us to the the stars and follows God commands. And He loves us all in our true body." She also writes songs.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my little tornado Ella but now that she has learned to push the chairs around the house, not even the higher cupboards are safe from her rummaging and pilfering and tearing apart! Oh the joys of motherhood!! Tonight we are going to see Wicked at the Pantageous Theater. I am so excited! Wicked is the Wizard of Oz drama explaining the history between the good and bad witch. Eri is going too! EEE HEee HEeee HEEEEE!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Erica's Debut on the Catwalk!

Well, today was the Fremont Fashion Show and Erica was the first to walk on the stage. She looked FABULOUS!! She called herself the Blue Ocean Angel in her Macy's couture blue polka dot sundress, her blue sequin flip flops and blue sequin hairpiece. She walked it like a pro! She stood at the end of the catwalk for a good 60 seconds letting the photogs snap away as the crowd went wild. She truly looked beautiful and carried herself like a little lady.