Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my little tornado Ella but now that she has learned to push the chairs around the house, not even the higher cupboards are safe from her rummaging and pilfering and tearing apart! Oh the joys of motherhood!! Tonight we are going to see Wicked at the Pantageous Theater. I am so excited! Wicked is the Wizard of Oz drama explaining the history between the good and bad witch. Eri is going too! EEE HEee HEeee HEEEEE!!!


jonesfamily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I can't wait to see how youlike Wicked! What a perfect present for your birthday! Have fun!

Natalie said...

So Glad I found this blog. Happy Birthday!! I want to know if Erica liked Wicked. I know that you probably loved it.